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Fiji Island Beach with small boat


Fiji Kinde Project’s vision is to faithfully initiate Jesus’ ideals by sharing the gospel, training local teachers, teaching preschool age children, and providing the essential educational resources as we develop Early Childhood Education throughout the villages in the Fiji Islands.


Our mission is to send teams of educators to Fiji to Share, Train, Teach, and Provide. One by one, village by village, we will set up a Christ-centered kindergarten program using a well-planned, comprehensive classroom model.






In developing a curriculum model for the Fiji Kinde Project,

it is essential to remember and integrate Fiji’s culture, environment, and daily life experiences.

The term curriculum model refers to an educational system that combines theory with practice. Curriculum

models are central in Early Childhood programs because they determine the program content and help in

training and implementing a high quality program that is well defined. There are several curriculum models that were

used in developing the Fiji Kinde Project. Two main models that are in alignment with the goals of our

project are the Creative Curriculum and the Theme Based Curriculum models.


  • Artist, Linda Lawler and founder, Ann Cooper wrote a children’s book “BULA FIJI”

  • Focuses on interest area centers in the classroom, i.e.; blocks, table toys, art, library comer, music and movement, etc.

  • Helps the teacher understand how to work with children at different developmental levels to promote learning.

  • Guides the teacher in adapting the environment to make it more challenging.

  • Includes a parent component. Training and learning resources are a part of the curriculum including incorporating an academic environment.




  • Incorporates a theme as an idea or topic. Teacher and children can explore in many different ways.

  • The theme is often based on the learner’s culture, environment or experiences.

  • The teacher can integrate literacy, social studies, math, music and art.

  • Themes should be custom designed to fit the total needs of the children and invite new learning skills.


In addition to the components of the curriculum models above, our program would have it’s foundation based

on Biblical principles that include our goal of sharing God’s truth, love and grace.

It is important to note that because Fiji is a third world country, we believe it is vital to include hygiene education

as a part of our curriculum. The curriculum model will include the daily morning routine of brushing teeth and educate the children of the importance of other simple acts of hygiene like washing hands to prevent the spread of germs and disease.


  • God’s Truth, Love and Grace

  • God’s Word through disciplines with teachers that include Bible study, devotional time and prayer.

  • Through Bible stories, memory verses, songs of worship as part of the core curriculum

Hands Sharing
People with Lettuce


  • A curriculum model with biblical principles as the foundation.

  • Supplies to set up a model classroom.

  • Guidelines on how to set up a model classroom which includes setting up the physical environment, structured activities, and methods of teaching and interacting with preschool age children.

  • Hospitality and service through the gift of room and board for each teacher.

  • Friendship encouragement and support for spiritual, personal and professional growth.




Airplane Supplies
  • Storage container

  • Women’s Devotional Bible

  • Children’s Bible Teaching Resources:

    • Lesson Planner

    • Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills – Grade K

    • Bible based curriculum

  • Classroom Calendar Kit Building Block Set Playground Balls Jump Rope

  • Alphabet Bean Bag Set

  • Crayons

  • Markers

  • Colored pens and pencils

  • Watercolors and brushes

  • Paper

    • Multipurpose

    • Colored construction

    • Lined writing tablets

  • Wipe boards, dry pens and eraser

  • Glue sticks

  • Scissors

  • Children’s Literature books

  • Wooden puzzles Magnetic Board – Alphabet and Letters

  • Flashcards – Alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes

  • Learning games

    • Memory

    • Matching

    • Alphabet and Number Bingo

  • Storytelling glove and puppets

  • Felt board

  • Globe

  • Lego Duplos

  • Plastic Animals

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste


We partner with the local and national governments of Fiji. The Ministry of Education and Fiji Kinde Project work alongside each other to ensure the best quality of education in early childhood development for the children of Fiji. All our teachers and their village register with the Ministry of Education. Therefore, the commitment and standards of our program is safeguarded.

Part of our program is to do follow up with the teachers. We restock them and their Kinde classes with school supplies, more curriculum, and library books. Furthermore, we do workshops for our teachers to continue their education in teacher training.

Fiji Island Teaching
Fiji Island Classroom


  • Preschool age children to prepare them with the skills necessary for entering elementary school level.

  • A Christ-centered preschool program including all daily activities, transitions, and routines which impact the child’s physical, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development.

  • In an environment that includes creative plays as well as structured learning with independence and group activities.

  • Incorporating basic hygiene, like brushing teeth, in our daily routine



  • Local Fijian teachers through a week-long in-service with hands-on classroom teaching experience that includes modeling effective teaching techniques

  • Equipping teachers with knowledge and instructions of the classroom model principles which will enable them to set up and manage their own classroom.

  • Providing the necessary resources and support to insure self-sufficiency.

Ann & David Cooper Fiji Islands
Fiji Kinde Project & The Mission At Natuvu Creek Group Picture


  • Burgundy Hats – Geoff Kendall

  • Champion Forest Baptist Church, Cypress, TX USA

  • Global Grins

  • Grace Fellowship Church, Costa Mesa, CA USA

  • Love Sacks, Costa Mesa, CA USA

  • Mariners Christian School, Costa Mesa, CA USA

  • Matanivusi Surf Resort, Fiji Islands

  • Mission at Natuvu Creek, Fiji Islands

  • Nukubati Resort, Fiji Islands

  • Pepperdine University Malibu, CA USA

  • Servants Heart Foundation, Newport Beach, CA, USA

  • S&S Worldwide

  • ST. Thomas Moore Catholic Church, Houston, TX, USA

  • Stoneybrooke Christian School, Lake Forest, CA, USA

  • Strake Jesuit Catholic High School, Houston TX, USA

  • Taveuni Island Resort & Spa

  • Tavarua Surf Resort, Fiji Islands

  • The Ministry of Education, Fiji Islands

  • Westbury Baptist Church, Gleeners Sunday School Class, Houston TX, USA

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